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The is a clearing area for materials, comments, results related to the GCNS project.
Comments, contributions or materials to add? Send an email to the person listed and/or  richard.smart(at)inaf.it.

Original Material

Here we provide the original A&A paper Draft.
Frequently asked questions:  FAQ.txt.

Download the full dataset by running this command:
wget -r -np -nH -e robots=off -R ‘index*’ -I GCNS https://gucds.inaf.it/GCNS
(On a Mac ” wget -r -np -nH -e robots=off -R index* -I GCNS https://gucds.inaf.it/GCNS  “)
or are available from the Original subdirectory in this  open directory

The 10pc Sample

A subproject of the GNCS was the production of a 10pc catalogue.
The data is included in the GCNS tree or can be found in this subdirectory

Here is a  nice summary of resources related to the 10pc catalog by Kevin Jardin.

Outreach Materials

A flythru of the 100pc sample (youtube link)
A three way view of orbits: top view, side view, mid view,   all 3 together
A inforgraphic with the improvement by Gaia: GCNS numbers
The app GCNSFly (Description,  WebLink),  with scripting possibilities (Description,  Example, WebLink) .
A nice poster showing the Solar Neighbourhood   (highres version) with explanation.

External links